Fake News of Robots Killed Scientists in Japan

There is an incident where four AI robots attack and kill 29 scientists. In contrast, Japan has not recorded any such incidents.

Most people know this isn’t legitimate news, but some people in the US and around the world believe it is: news of four unreported robot attacks on lab workers.

Prominent journalists covering the death were accused of spreading rumors of a conspiracy. Not verified by Secure Media.

Where does it start?

Who was the first to claim that robots kill people in Japan? Journalist Linda Moulton Howe, known for publishing conspiracy theories, attended the Conscious Living Expo in Los Angeles in December 2018. During the panel discussion, I emphasized that AI is dangerous. Human nature is responsible for this. The video of this performance has attracted widespread attention on the Internet. Howe recounts an incident in a Japanese laboratory in which four robots killed 29 scientists. Howe revealed on the show that he received a call from someone posing as a contractor for the CIA, NSA, and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The former Marine later revealed that the robot attacked the scientist by firing metal bullets. Some bots were shut down by scientists, while others were quickly brought online to rebuild.

Is this correct?

There has been no evidence from credible sources since the attack was reported. He did not provide any background information or details, such as the name of the researcher, the location of the lab, or the date of the incident. How can one reason for words alone?

Linda’s story has since circulated widely online, and a Snopes investigation found her story to be false. Talking about artificial intelligence and the dangers of UFO sightings, he suggested that we might be advanced aliens. 

We use it to get people’s attention.

Snopes pointed out several holes in the killer’s story that support his conclusion that it was a hoax. The first thing is that the story has no origin or background. Linda did not name the plant or the scientists or sources who died in the massacre. Snopes said he had not seen the scientist, although he said he knew about him. He repeated the same story in the interview but added that his sources had not seen any deaths, only heard of them. They are said to transmit the information they receive.

But in recent years it has been used as an example of misinformation from American sources, and there is no evidence that it happened in Japan. Even in 2022, most Japanese still know very little about mass shootings.

this is the end.

This version of events claims that an AI robot was responsible for the murder of a Japanese scientist, at least not supported by current evidence.

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